For Home Owners

If you are interested in buying a new build home and you haven’t sold your own property, housebuilders offer assisted move and/or part exchange schemes to enable you to purchase from them. Once you agree a sale on your property you are then able to reserve your new home.

For us to evaluate your property for the schemes we will contact you to discuss our service in more detail and answer any questions you may have. We will then arrange valuation appointments with local estate agents to attend your property at a convenient time.

Collating local agents’ area knowledge together with House to Home’s property expertise we confirm the recent sold data of similar properties and the recommended marketing price for an assisted move to both you and the housebuilder.  If the housebuilder offers part exchange, we supply them with a property suitability recommendation and a buy in figure for the housebuilder to consider.  The housebuilder will confirm what price they are willing to purchase your property for, this offer is subject to the results of a RICS homebuyers survey which will be arranged on behalf of the housebuilder.

Once the survey has been reviewed the housebuilder will invite you to reserve your new home.  Under the part exchange scheme, you agree to allow and conduct viewings whilst you are still living in the property.  House to Home are instructed by the housebuilder to sell the property within a specified time frame.  This part exchange sale works simultaneously with your purchase, so the housebuilder is not holding empty second hand stock properties.

For an assisted move enquiry, we will recommend the best performing agent(s) in your area to value your property, or alternatively if you have had your property valued, we can contact the agent to discuss their opinion.  If you are on the market but remain unsold, we can contract with your chosen agent enabling us to assess why you haven’t sold and devise a marketing strategy so you can purchase the new build.

Once a sale is agreed we will carry out our due diligence process to confirm the chain details and issue a memorandum of sale to all parties including all acting solicitors who will begin the legal process.  We carry out sales progression updates for you and the housebuilder throughout ensuring everyone is informed of the steps taken to lead to exchange of contracts and legal completion.

The agent organises viewings with you direct on both schemes and feeds back to us if you are on the assisted move scheme so we can monitor all activity together.  All offers will come via House to Home so we can discuss with you and negotiate on your behalf.  If you are part exchanging the offers are put forward to the housebuilder to consider as you have already agreed an acceptable sale price with them.

With House to Home looking after you throughout, with your best interests at the forefront of our minds, we aim to simplify the house moving process and support you every step of the way.

Usually we receive our fee from the housebuilder on legal completion of a simultaneous sale and purchase, in turn we pay the estate agent reducing your moving costs.  Prior to engaging our services, we will confirm the housebuilder’s contribution, so you are fully aware of this financial incentive prior to engaging our services.